To enhance law enforcement operations targeted at violent criminal gangs and other criminal organizations by co-locating representatives from federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in a single dedicated facility. Serves as a resource to area law enforcement agencies to address current and emerging gang issues across the West Texas area. Engages in community outreach to discourage youth from joining and affiliating with violent criminal gangs.

 Strategic Goals 

  • Fighting violent criminal gangs with a focus on preliminary on-scene and long-term investigations, suppression, and accurate and timely intelligence 
  • Increased interagency cooperation/collaboration
  • The inter-connection of law enforcement agencies at a regional and  statewide level in order to become a "force-multiplier"
  • Rapid deployment of personnel and resources
  • Use effective tactics and best practices that are flexible and adaptable to violent crime trends
  • Follow -up and assess
  • Prevention through community outreach