Gang Awareness

  • A gang will not protect you
  • You are far more likely to being injured or killed if you are involved with a gang
  • Joining a gang will not increase the number of friends you have. It will increase the number of enemies you have
  • Your gang will not be “like a family.” Real families don’t force people to commit crimes to get respect and love
  • You will not make a lot of money if you are in a gang. Most members make very little money
  • If you are already in a gang, you can get out. It might not be easy, but there is help for you
  • Gang colors are used to represent membership and identify gangs. Wearing “colors” and pretending to be affiliated can get you hurt or killed
  • Don’t be fooled by gang “recruitment tactics: Gang members will confront you in your neighborhood, at your school and at social gatherings to make you feel unsafe. Members will lure you into joining them by false promises of personal security, financial opportunity and “family’ support, love and respect
  • Gangs use extreme forms of intimidation: a member will threaten you with violence and harm to get you to join. They might threaten to harm your family and friends if you don’t cooperate

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